1   Underline the correct word.

Example:    There was / were forty people in the hotel.

1   There aren’t some / any books in Sonia’s living room.

2   We met they / them at seven.

3   Oh, yes, I know Jack. I met him / her when he was at university.

4   Are there some / any pictures on the wall?

5   There is / are a wonderful view of the mountains from here.

6   What time did she tell we / us to be at the restaurant?

7   Is there a / some café near here?


2      Complete the questions with pronouns.

Example: A  I gave it to you yesterday.

B  Oh yes, I put it in my room.

1   A  Do you like ________?

B  Yes, I do. She’s very nice.

2   A  When did Paul meet ________?

B  Last month. Paul was in a café when they walked in.

3   A  We’re lost. Can you help ________?

B  Of course.

4   A  Sam gave ________ his grandmother’s ring.

B  Really? Lucky you!


3   Complete the hotel description with a, some, or any.

Hotel Royal

The Hotel Royal is a beautiful hotel in the city centre. There is a conference centre at the hotel and there are 1 ________ rooms with a view of the cathedral. There are 2 ________ large double rooms but there aren’t 3 ________ family rooms. There is also 4 ________ car park. It is highly recommended.

Grammar total 15


4   Match the places in the box to what the people want to do.

post office   museum   swimming pool   airport   supermarket   chemist’s   bank   lift   hotel

Example:    Kay wants to send a letter.   post office

1   David wants to fly to New York.                                  ________

2   Sheila wants to swim.                                                   ________

3   Sue wants a room with a TV and shower.                     ________

4   Harry is ill and wants to buy aspirins and medicine.     ________

5   Joe wants some money.                                                ________

6   Louise wants to buy fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit.  ________

7   Dan wants to see old, interesting things.                       ________

8   Felicity wants to go to the sixth floor.                           ________


5   Complete the diary with the past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

Sunday 9th June

It was (be) a very nice weekend! Paul and I 1 ________ (rent) a car and we
2 ________ (drive)  to the beach. On Saturday night, we 3 ________ (have) dinner in a brilliant restaurant and we 4 ________ (stay) in an expensive hotel. On Sunday morning, we 5 ________ (go) to the beach. Paul 6 ________ (buy) postcards and I
7 ________ (take) a lot of photos with my mobile phone. Then I 8 ________ (send) the photos to my friends. At 6.00, we 9 ________ (leave) the beach. When we
10 ________ (get) home, Paul 11 ________ (give) me a present and 12 ________

(say) he loved me. What a great weekend!



6   Underline the stressed syllable.

Example:  usual

1   station

2   hospital

3   reception

4   cupboard

5   remember


7   Match the words with the same sound.

speak   break   learn   here   airport   breakfast

Example:    stay   break

1   bread     ________

2   there      ________

3   leave      ________

4   beer       ________

5   turn       ________



8   Underline the correct word to complete the dialogue.

Sue         What’s the last film you saw?

Jim        It was Remember Me.

Sue         Remember Me? What did you think of / at it?

Jim        Oh, I 1 very / really didn’t like 2 her / it. The film was 3 fantastic / awful.

Sue         Oh dear. Who was in it?

Jim        Tom Dillon.

Sue         Tom Dillon? Oh, I like 4 him / it. He’s 5 terrible / great!



1   Read the text and complete the sentences with the correct number.

A fantastic hotel

Last summer, my wife and I went to Las Vegas for a week. We stayed with our friends, Jimmy and Diane, for the first five days, but we stayed at a very special hotel on the Saturday and Sunday nights at the end of our holiday. We booked a suite at the Venetian Resort Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. The Venetian is modern, luxurious, and very big! There are 7,000 rooms and suites in the hotel, and in our suite there were three TVs – one in the bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the bathroom.

You can find everything at the Venetian. It’s a small town! There is a casino in the hotel and there are 17 restaurants. On our first night there we ate at the Bouchon restaurant. It was fantastic – but very expensive! We didn’t go to the casino on Saturday night because we didn’t have any money after we had dinner!

The hotel is really brilliant! There is a small lake near the entrance, and on the fourth floor there are three swimming pools and a spa. We didn’t go swimming but my wife loved the spa. On the second floor, there is a big shopping centre with canals and gondolas. We went on a gondola. I thought I was in Venice!

There are a lot of things to do at the Venetian. You can visit a Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum with statues of famous Hollywood actors. Or you can go to the fantastic nightclub or to one of the theatres. There are three of them! We weren’t interested in visiting the wax museum and we didn’t go dancing, but on Sunday evening we saw a great show at the Blue Man Theatre, and we went to an art exhibition at the hotel’s art gallery.

Example: They stayed in Las Vegas for seven days.

1   In a suite at the Venetian hotel, there are ________ TVs.

2   There are ________ restaurants in the hotel.

3   There is a spa on the ________ floor.

4   You can go on a gondola on the ________ floor.

5   There are ________ theatres in the hotel.


2   Read the text again and tick (ü) True or False.

1   The writer travelled to Las Vegas with his friends, Jimmy and Diane.

True          False

2   The writer spent a week in the city of Las Vegas.

True          False

3   The writer stayed at the Venetian Resort hotel for five nights.

True          False

4   The writer had dinner in a restaurant at the hotel.

True          False

5   The writer went to the hotel’s casino on Saturday.

True          False

6   The writer swam in the hotel pool.

True          False

7   The writer’s wife went to the spa.

True          False

8   The writer met famous Hollywood actors in the hotel.

True          False

9   The writer went to the nightclub in the hotel.

True          False

10   The writer went to the theatre with his wife.

True          False



Answer the holiday questionnaire and write a description of your last holiday and the place you stayed in.


The holiday

Where did you go on your last holiday?

When did you go and who did you go with?

What did you do on holiday?

The hotel

Where did you stay?

Can you describe the place?

Did you like the place? Why (not)?


Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Practical English


1   1   any

2   them

3   him

4   any

5   is

6   us

7   a

2   1   her

2   them

3   us

4   me

3   1   some

2   some

3   any

4   a


4   1   airport

2   swimming pool

3   hotel

4   chemist’s

5   bank

6   supermarket

7   museum

8   lift

5   1   rented

2   drove

3   had

4   stayed

5   went

6   bought

7   took

8   sent

9   left

10   got

11   gave

12   said


6   1   station

2   hospital

3   reception

4   cupboard

5   remember

7   1   breakfast

2   airport

3   speak

4   here

5   learn


8   1   really

2   it

3   awful

4   him

5   great

Reading and Writing


1   1   three

2   seventeen

3   fourth

4   second

5   three

2   1   F

2   T

3   F

4   T

5   F

6   F

7   T

8   F

9   F

10   T


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