1   Underline the correct past simple form.

Example:    They wasn’t / weren’t famous.

1   Was he / Were he late?

2   Where were you / you were last weekend?

3   Danny don’t like / didn’t like the film.

4   Had you / Did you have dinner in a nice restaurant?

5   We came / come back home late yesterday evening.

6   Jenny didn’t studied / didn’t study Business at university.

7   What time did you went / did you go to the supermarket?


2   Complete the email with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Hi Stephanie

Paula and I had (have) a great time in Torquay last weekend. 1 ________
I ________ (tell) you about it? Well, we 2 ________ (go) to Torquay by bus on Saturday morning. We 3 ________ (not go) by train because it

4 ________ (be) very expensive. We 5 ________ (stay) with Paula’s friends in their house near the beach. We 6 ________ (not have) dinner with Paula’s friends because we 7 ________ (want) to eat on the beach. It was great. What 8 ________ you ________ (do) last weekend?


Andy x

Grammar total 15


3   Complete the description with in, at or on.

Mike lives in a big house 1 ________ Oxford. He usually works 2 ________ home. Yesterday morning, he phoned his friends. Nick was 3 ________ a bus, Fiona was
4 ________ her car, Helen was 5 ________ a meeting, and Alison was 6 ________ bed.


4   Complete the sentences with the correct past simple form of the verb in brackets.

Example:    Sheila came back early from her holiday yesterday. (come)

1   Tom ________ a coffee and a cake in the café.  (buy)

2   Jane ________ to Edinburgh in her new car.  (drive)

3   Harry and Jill ________ the Internet to buy theatre tickets.  (use)

4   Joe ________ the new James Bond film last night.  (see)

5   Simon ________ a terrible noise.  (hear)

6   Jenny ________ her homework yesterday evening.  (do)

7   I ________ in a restaurant from 2001 to 2007.  (work)

8   Rory ________ a lot of photos on holiday.  (take)


5   Complete the sentences with the correct word or phrase.

Example: At midnight, Sue went to bed.

bed   to bed   the bed

1   At half past three, Peter was at ________.

work   gym   café

2   We went out last ________.

afternoon   yesterday   Sunday

3   She went on a trip ________.

to Athens   at Athens   on Athens

4   Carl paid for the meal by ________.

credit card   money   lunch

5   We watched TV yesterday ________.

night   day   morning

6   I saw Jack and Lucy on ________.

the bus   the car   the airport

Vocabulary total 20


6   Underline the stressed syllable.

Example:    airport

1   yesterday

2   surprise

3   brilliant

4   traffic

5   special


7   Match the words with the same sound.

played lunch shopping   weren’t   wanted walked

Example:    come   lunch

1   first       ________

2   cried ________

3   kissed ________

4   waited ________

5   wasn’t    ________

Pronunciation total 10


8   Look at the dates in Tony’s diary. Then complete Tony’s email with the correct month or ordinal number.

Diary – special occasions

3 / 02               Sally’s birthday party

18 / 04              Holiday to Greece

2 / 06               Pete and Siena’s wedding

20 / 08              Jake’s birthday party

12 / 09              Start new job

25 / 12              Christmas party at mum and dad’s

Hi everybody

Last year was a great year for me. The highlights? Well, Sally had a great birthday party on the third of February and I went on holiday to Greece on the 1 ________ of April. On the 2 ________ of June I had a wonderful time at Pete and Siena’s wedding, and Jake’s birthday party on the twentieth of 3 ________ was great. On the

4 ________ of September I started a new job, and, of course, the Christmas party at my parents’ house on the 5 ________ of December was good, too.



Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Practical English total 50


1   Read the text and choose the correct number or date to complete the sentences.

A man on the moon

On the twenty-first of July 1969 American astronaut Neil Armstrong opened the door of the lunar module, the Eagle, and walked outside. He was on the moon. He was the first man in history to walk on the moon. It was a fantastic moment.

A few minutes later, Buzz Aldrin was the second man on the moon. Armstrong and Aldrin then took photos and made a film of their short time on the moon. They also collected information and spoke to the American president, Richard Nixon, on the phone. Nixon said it was a ‘historic phone call’. They placed an American flag there and left.

The twenty-first of July 1969 was a very important and exciting day. On earth, a lot of people listened to their radios all day because they wanted to hear the news about the men on the moon. And everybody in the world watched the news to see the first pictures of the men on the moon. Was it true? Was it real? People didn’t believe what they saw. And today, people over 50 can remember where they were when Armstrong walked on the moon.

In November 1969, the Americans went on a second trip to the moon and everybody watched. In the 1970s, astronauts went on five more trips. But after that, the American government decided that they didn’t want to spend millions and millions of dollars on trips to the moon. The last man on the moon was there in 1972.

Example: The first trip to the moon was in ________.

A  1967          B  1968          C  1969   ü

1   Armstrong first walked on the moon on the ________ of July.

A  21st          B  22nd          C  23rd

2   Only ________ walked on the moon on that first trip.

A  one man          B  two men          C  three men

3   In 1969, the Americans made ________ to the moon.

A  one trip          B  two trips          C  three trips

4   Before they stopped trips to the moon, the Americans made ________trips in total.

A  three          B  five          C  seven

5   The last trip to the moon was in ________.

A  1970          B  1971          C  1972


2   Read the text again and tick (ü) True or False.

1   Armstrong walked on the moon before Aldrin.

True          False

2   Aldrin took photos when he was on the moon.

True          False

3   Armstrong and Aldrin were on the moon for a long time.

True          False

4   Armstrong and Aldrin didn’t speak when they were on the moon.

True          False

5   The astronauts left a flag on the moon.

True          False

6   At first, news of the men on the moon wasn’t on the radio.

True          False

7   TV stations didn’t have pictures of the first walk on the moon.

True          False

8   Today, people don’t remember the first walk on the moon.

True          False

9   People were not very interested in the second trip to the moon.

True          False

10   The American government stopped trips because they were expensive.

True          False

Reading total 15


Answer the questions about an important day that you remember.

1   What was the important day?

2   When was it?

3   What happened?

4   Where were you on this day?

5   What did you do?

Writing total 10
Reading and Writing total 25



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