1. Complete the following dialogue.

John: Hello, Jim. _________________ last Saturday?

Jim: I watched a football match on TV.

John: ________________?

Jim: Yes, I liked it a lot.

John: _________________?

Jim: No, I didn’t go out in the evening.

John: ________________?

Jim: I studied Maths. I have an exam next week.

John: And what did you do during the Christmas holidays?

Jim: I went to Seville.

John: ____________________?

Jim: I stayed there for five days.

John: ?

Jim: I stayed at my aunt’s. My family asked me to look after my little cousin. They also paid me.

John: _____________________?

Jim: They paid me two hundred Euros.

John: That’s a lot of money. You are very lucky.

2. Tenses. Complete the following sentences with the PAST SIMPLE or the PRESENT SIMPLE.

1.    Mary _______________can/ read) when she _______________  (be) three.

2.    They _______________ (not/go) on holiday last year.

3.    Who _______________ (you/see) yesterday?

4.    _______________ (his parents/live) in Santander?

5.   “What __________ you __________ (do) yesterday afternoon?” “I __________ (do) my homework.”

6.  “What __________ you __________ (read) when you are on holiday?” “I __________ (read) detective stories. But last Christmas I __________ (read) John Lennon’s biography.

7.  John __________ (to be) born on 28 February, 1985. Yesterday __________ (to be) his birthday. He __________ (to celebrate) it in a pub. He __________ (to go) there by car. He __________ (to invite) many friends. He __________ (to get) home very late.

Write questions for these answers:

1.    Yes, he likes cats.

2.    No, Catherine doesn´t speak a foreign language.

3. I live in Cambridge.

4. They played football in the park.

5. He reads The Times.

6. She watches a soap opera in the afternoons

7. No, he doesn´t. He smokes cigars.

8. No, she didn’t. She studied at Cambridge.

9. They speak English.

10. He likes classical music

11. The train from Madrid arrived at 7 o´clock yesterday.


                  What did you do on your last holiday?


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