1   Underline the correct word(s).

Example:    How old you are / are you?

1   Kelly always gets up / gets always up at six.

2   When do you / you do go shopping?

3   Can I have / to have a drink, please?

4   Susan walks sometimes / sometimes walks in the mountains.

5   What sports she likes / does she like?

6   Jack never does / doesn’t never housework.

7   A When / How do you go to the cinema?

B On Saturday evenings.

8   He doesn’t can / can’t come to the cinema tonight.


2   Order the words to make questions.

Example: you  speak  do  Japanese ?

Do you speak Japanese?

1   live  where  she  does ?


2   they  what  like  music  do ?


3   is  where  he ?


4   her  what  sister  do  does ?


5   I  here  can  sit ?


6   gym  to  do  the  go  you ?


7   TV  sometimes  he  does  watch ?


Grammar total 15


3   Write the verb that goes with all the words.

Example:    a teacher   at home   hot    be

1   lunch   a shower   breakfast                     ________

2   sport   exercise   housework                    ________

3   the piano   tennis   computer games         ________

4   to the cinema   to the beach   to the gym ________

5   a menu   an email   a magazine                ________


4   Complete the typical day with words from the two boxes.

get finish   go   go   start   have   have   have

up work   work   to bed   home   breakfast   dinner   lunch

7 a.m.                get up

7.15 a.m.           have a shower

7.45 a.m.           1  ________

8.15 a.m.           go to work

9 a.m.                2  ________

11 a.m.              have a coffee

1 a.m.                3  ________

2 p.m.–5 p.m.    meet customers

5.30 p.m.           4  ________

5.40 p.m.           5  ________

6.30 p.m.           do the shopping

7 p.m.                6  ________

8 p.m.                watch TV

11 p.m.              7  ________


5   Complete the sentences with the correct word.

Example: I usually get up at seven in the morning.

go   get   do

1   We always ________ out on Saturday night.

go   do   have

2   Can you ________ my photo, please?

make   take   do

3   I’m sorry. You can’t ________ by credit card.

do   have   pay

4   I can’t ________ the Internet at work.

play   have   use

5   In Spain, it’s usually hot and light outside in the ________.

summer   winter   night

6   You can’t ________ your mobile phone in the school.

play   use   do

7   I sometimes ________ 100 emails in a day.

send   go   play

8   Do you ________ a lot of exercise?

play   make   do

Vocabulary total 20


6   Underline the stressed syllable.

Example:    computer

1   housework

2   university

3   shower

4   cinema

5   window


7   Match the words with the same sound.

outside   evening their newspaper   park   watch

Example:    read   evening

1   where ________

2   long       ________

3   town      ________

4   usually   ________

5   can’t      ________

Pronunciation total 10


8   Complete the dialogue with the phrases from the box.

Can I help you? How much is the sandwich?   Can I pay by credit card?
Can I have a cheese sandwich?   Five pounds.   Here you are.

Barman Can I help you?

Customer Yes. 1 ________ Oh, and two coffees, please.

Barman Sure… Just a minute. OK. 2 ________

Customer Thanks. 3 ________

Barman Three pounds ninety-five.

Customer And the coffees? How much are they?

Barman Er… 4 ________

Customer OK. I have no money. 5 ________

Barman Sure. That’s eight pounds ninety-five, please.

Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Practical English total 50


1   Read the blog and tick (ü) True or False.

A different life

Sara Huntingdon works for a children’s organisation in Africa. Every day, she writes her blog for an online news website.

Wednesday 25th

Every morning, I get up at six o’clock and go to the refugee camp. 1,000 families live there. They don’t have much food or water.

I sometimes work in the children’s centre. It is in a big, old house near the camp and it is open to small children. They are four, five, or six years old. When I open the door in the morning, it’s usually hot inside. I prepare lessons and games then I always have coffee and bread for breakfast.

When the children arrive at half past seven, they go into the house and meet their friends. They talk and relax and play games. They like games! Then we start school at quarter past eight. I teach English and art, and I sometimes teach maths. They can speak English well but they can’t write in English. I always answer the children’s questions. They usually want to hear about my life in England – and about my boyfriend! I cook some food and they eat it before they go home. Every day at the children’s centre is a fantastic experience for the children and for their teacher.

At half past eleven in the morning, the children go home. For four hours every day, the children don’t think about their problems. And that’s very important.

Example: Sara works for a children’s organisation.

True   ü     False

1   Sara works in India.

True          False

2   Sara goes to the refugee camp every day.

True          False

3   The children’s centre is in a new house.

True          False

4   The children’s centre is big and hot.

True          False

5   Sara has the same breakfast every day.

True          False

6   Sara never teaches maths at the centre.

True          False

7   The children can speak English.

True          False

8   The children don’t talk to their teacher.

True          False

9   Sara doesn’t like her job as a teacher.

True          False

10   The children go home in the morning.

True          False


2   Read the blog again and complete the sentences with numbers and times.

1   Sara’s day starts at ________ when she gets up.

2   The children at the children’s centre are from four to ________ years old.

3   Lessons start at ________.

4   The children go home at ________.

5   They are at school for ________ hours every day.

Reading total 15


Read the email from Tom. Then write an email to Tom. Answer Tom’s questions with information about you.


Tell me about your typical Sunday. What time do you get up and what do you usually have for breakfast? What do you do in the afternoon? What do you have for dinner and what do you usually do in the evening? What time do you go to bed?



Hi Tom

Thank you for your email.

On a typical Sunday, I…

Writing total 10
Reading and Writing total 25


1   Listen to Adam talking about his job. Tick (ü) True or False.

1   Adam works in a wine bar.

True          False

2   Adam usually gets up at six in the morning.

True          False

3   Adam goes to work by car.

True          False

4   Adam always goes to bed after 12.

True          False

5   Adam never works on Sundays.

True          False


2   Listen to five conversations. Tick (ü) A, B, or C.

1   The man can’t use his mobile phone…

A  in the museum          B  outside          C  in the coffee shop

2   Vicky usually finishes work at…

A  six          B  seven          C  seven or eight

3   In the winter, in Elena’s country, people…

A  play tennis          B  swim in the sea          C  play football

4   In the café, a sandwich is…

A  £3.80          B  £2.60          C  £1.20

5   Katy is…

A  tired          B  beautiful          C  hot

Listening total 10


Student A

1   Ask your partner these questions.

1   What time do you get up in the morning?

2   What do you do before you go to work or college?

3   What do you usually do after lunch?

4   What do you usually do in the evening?

5   When do you go to bed?

2   Now answer your partner’s questions.

3   Your partner has information about Rosa’s typical day. Ask your partner these questions.

What time / get up?

How / go to work?

What time / go to bed?

What / have for breakfast?

What / do after work?

4   Read the information about Ron’s typical day and answer your partner’s questions.

My day!

Get up: 7.30

Make breakfast – coffee, orange juice, croissant

Go to work by bus – start at 9

After work – study Spanish and watch TV

Go to bed: 11.15

Speaking total 15
Listening and Speaking total 25

Student B

1   Answer your partner’s questions about you.

2   Now ask your partner these questions.

1   What time do you get up in the morning?

2   What do you do before you go to work or college?

3   What do you usually do after lunch?

4   What do you usually do in the evening?

5   When do you go to bed?

3          Read the information about Rosa’s typical day and answer your partner’s questions.

My day!

Get up: 8.15

Make breakfast – tea, cereal, fruit

Go to work by car – start at 10

After work – read the newspaper and listen to the radio

Go to bed: 11.30

4   Your partner has information about Ron’s typical day. Ask your partner these questions.

What time / get up?

How / go to work?

What time / go to bed?

What / have for breakfast?

What / do after work?



Speaking total 15


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