1   Complete the dialogues with do, does, don’t, or doesn’t.

Example: A Do you like coffee?

B No, I don’t.

1   A ________ Colin live in London?

B No, he ________.

2   A What ________ you want for lunch?

B Oh, a sandwich, please. We ________ want pasta.

3   A What ________ Anna have for breakfast?

B She has bread and butter but she ________ have tea or coffee.

4   A ________ people in your family drink a lot of tea?

B Yes, they ________.



2   Complete the email. Use the verbs in brackets in the present simple.

Hi Sophie

Thanks for your email. Do you want to know about my family? Well, we live (live) in a big house in the centre. My mother 1 ________ (work) in an office near here and my two sisters 2 ________ (have) jobs in the city. Me? I 3 ________ (not work) in the city. My mother 4 ________ (not like) her job, but I 5 ________ (like) my job very much. I’m a teacher! What 6 ________ you ________ (do)? 7 ________ your husband ________ (work)?

Bye for now





Grammar total   15


3   Complete the phrases with the correct verb.

read   drink   speak   listen to   live eat   watch


Example:    live in a house

1   ________ TV

2   ________ milk

3   ________ eggs

4   ________ music

5   ________ French

6   ________ newspapers



4   Complete the descriptions with the jobs in the box.

administrator teacher   retired   doctor
factory worker   shop assistant    waiter   student   taxi driver


Example:    Miriam works in an office in the city centre. She writes emails and speaks on the phone. She’s an administrator.

1   Joanne works in a shop. Every day, she speaks to a lot of people in her job.

She’s a ________.

2   Tony works in the city. He has a car. ‘Where do you want to go?’ he says.

He’s a ________.

3   Tara doesn’t have a job. She’s at university and she studies Japanese.

She’s a ________.

4   Jessica has a job in a hospital. She has a white coat. She’s a ________.

5   Paula works in a school. In her job, she speaks a lot and she listens to students.

She’s a ________.

6   Stan has a job in a restaurant and works in the evenings.

He’s a ________.

7   Alan is 68. He doesn’t work now.

He’s ________.

8   Ken works for Nissan. He makes car windows.

He’s a ________.



5   Complete the sentences with the correct word.

Example: Do you eat a lot of fast food?

lunch   salad   fast

1   Today’s lunch is vegetable ________ and bread.

bacon   cereal   soup

2   Do you want ________ in your coffee?

sugar   butter   rice

3   At the hotel I have a ________ English breakfast.

prefer   traditional   strong

4   I like ________ sandwiches very much.

water   cheese   pasta

5   At dinner, I drink ________ or beer.

salad   fish   wine

6   I have  cereal and coffee ________ breakfast.

in   the   for




Vocabulary total   20


6   Underline the stressed syllable.

Example:   coffee

1   chocolate

2   potatoes

3   vegetables

4   policeman

5   teacher



7   Match the words with the same sound.

lives where orange   food   eats go


Example:    work   where

1   likes ________

2   does ________

3   juice      ________

4   sugar      ________

5   you ________




Pronunciation total   10


8   Complete the dialogues with words from the box.

ten past   to   half   quarter   o’clock


Example: A What time is it?

B It’s 6.10.

A Sorry? What time?

B It’s ten past six.

1   A What time is it?

B It’s 7.20. That’s twenty ________ seven.

2   A Is it 7.45?

B Yes, it is. It’s ________ to eight.

3   A What time do you go to work?

B Oh, at ________ past eight. That’s 8.30.

4   A What time is it?

B Oh, it’s 7 p.m. That’s seven ________.

5   A Oh no. It’s 7.35.

B Twenty-five ________ eight! Oh no. We’re late!




Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Practical English total   50





1   Read the text and complete the sentences with the correct name.

In business with mum and dad

Bob Wright and his wife Diane are from London but they live in Cardiff with their 24 year-old twin daughters Gina and Molly, and their 19-year-old son Jack.

Bob has four coffee shops in the cities of Cardiff and Swansea. People go to Bob’s coffee shops to drink coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, eat sandwiches, and read newspapers and magazines. He makes sandwiches, with cheese and salad but not with meat or chicken. His big sandwiches are very popular with students. Bob isn’t the only person in his family in the restaurant business. He has two business partners and they are his daughters!

‘Gina is an accountant, and she is good at numbers,’ says Bob. ‘She doesn’t work in the coffee shops. She works in the office. Molly is good with people. She goes to our coffee shops and speaks to our customers. My daughters work long hours. They start work at half past seven in the morning and they finish late at night.’

Bob’s son is a student and he doesn’t work in the family business. He studies medicine at Cardiff University and wants to be a doctor. His dad says, ‘My son Jack isn’t interested in the restaurant business, but he works here at weekends. He’s a waiter in one of our coffee shops.’


Example: Bob and Diane are from London.


1   ________ is Diane’s husband.

2   ________ is Gina’s sister.

3   ________ works in the office.

4   ________ is good with people.

5   ________ goes to university.

6   ________ is a waiter at weekends.



2   Read the text again and choose the correct answer to the questions.

Example: What is Bob’s surname?

A  Wright   ü     B  Molly          C  Coffee

1   Where do Bob and Diane live?

A  in Swansea          B  in Cardiff          C  in London

2   How old is Molly?

A  nineteen          B  twenty          C  twenty-four

3   Where are Bob’s coffee shops?

A  in London and Cardiff          B  in Swansea and Cardiff
C  in Swansea and London

4   What do people drink in Bob’s coffee shop?

A  coffee and hot chocolate          B  tea and wine          C  beer and coffee

5   What do people eat in Bob’s coffee shops?

A  chicken sandwiches          B  chocolate          C  cheese sandwiches

6   Why do students like Bob’s coffee shops?

A  his coffee is good          B  his chocolate is fantastic
C  his sandwiches are big

7   Where does Gina work?

A  in the office          B  in the coffee shops          C  in the magazine business

8   When does Molly start work?

A  at 7.15          B  at 7.30          C  at 7.45

9   What does Jack study at Cardiff University?

A  medicine          B  business          C  doctor




Reading total   15


1   Answer the questions about lunchtime when you’re at work / school.

What time do you have lunch when you’re at work?


Where do you have lunch at work?


What do you have for lunch?


Who do you have lunch with?




2   Now answer the questions about lunchtime at the weekend.

What time do you have lunch at the weekend?


Where do you have lunch on Saturday and Sunday?


What do you have for lunch?


Who do you have lunch with?





Writing total   10


Reading and Writing total   25






1   Listen to Nick and Hannah talking about Hannah’s job. Tick (ü) True or False.

1   Hannah studies French at university.

True          False

2   Hannah works in a sandwich shop on Mondays.

True          False

3   They have meat sandwiches in the sandwich shop.

True          False

4   They have wine in the shop.

True          False

5   Hannah likes her job.

True          False



2   Listen to five conversations and complete the sentences. Tick (ü) A, B, or C.

1   Rob eats…for breakfast.

A  bacon          B  cereal          C  eggs

2   Gemma is a…

A  doctor          B  student          C  teacher

3   Karen starts work at…today.

A  7.45          B  8.15          C  8.30

4   Tim…in the evenings.

A  listens to music          B  watches TV          C  listens to the radio

5   Penny lives in…

A  a small flat          B  a big house          C  a small house





Listening total   10


Student A

1   Ask your partner these questions.

1   Where do you live?

2   What do you do?

3   What do you do in the evenings?

4   What do you do at the weekend?

5   What do you have for Sunday dinner?

2   Now answer your partner’s questions.

3   Your partner has a fact file about Amy. Ask questions and complete the fact file.

What / surname?

Where / live?

What / do?

What / like?

What / do at the weekend?


name: Amy ____

lives in: ____

job: ____

likes: ____

weekend activities: ____

4   Read the fact file about Simon and answer your partner’s questions.


name: Simon Bruce

lives in: Cambridge

job: teacher

likes: cats, music

weekend activities:   watch TV, read novels





Speaking total   15


Listening and Speaking total   25


Student B

1   Answer your partner’s questions about you.

2   Now ask your partner these questions.

1   Where do you live?

2   What do you do?

3   What do you do in the evenings?

4   What do you do at the weekend?

5   What do you have for Sunday dinner?

3   Read the fact file about Amy and answer your partner’s questions.

name: Amy Sessions

lives in: Banbury

job: lawyer

likes: dogs, football

weekend activities: listen to the radio, study French




4   Your partner has a fact file about Simon. Ask questions and complete the fact file.

What / surname?

Where / live?

What / do?

What / like?

What / do at the weekend?


name: Simon ____

lives in: ____

job: ____

likes: ____

weekend activities: ____


Speaking total   15


Listening and Speaking total   25






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