1   Underline the correct word.

Example:    It’s a small bag / bags.

1   They’re her book’s / books.

2   It’s John / John’s coat.

3   It’s an / a umbrella.

4   They’re Harry’s / Harrys pens.

5   They’re old / olds cars.

6   Tony is my father / father’s brother.

7   Where are my photoes / photos?

8   They’re expensive watch’s / watches.



2   Complete the sentences with my, your, his, her, its, our, or their.

Example: A What’s your name?

B My name? Oh, it’s Georgia.

1   I’m Fiona and ________ sister’s name is Claire.

2   We’re brothers. ________ names are Ben and Roger.

3   A What’s your brother’s name?

B My brother? ________ name is William.

4   They’re my children. ________ names are Josie and Holly.

5   Our hotel is fantastic. ________ name is The Ambassador.

6   He’s English but ________ wife is from Poland.

7   A What are ________ names?

B His name’s Dan and her name’s Mary.




Grammar total   15


3        Write the words.

Example:    a mobile phone


1        a w________





2        g________



3        k________



4        a c________




5        a b________




4   Look at the family tree and complete the description of Tom’s family with the words in the box.


father mother   son   daughter   brother   husband   wife  children   sister


Frank = Mary

Simon              Anna             Tom


Example:    Frank is Tom’s father.

1   Tom is Mary’s ________.

2   Frank is Mary’s ________.

3   Mary is Simon’s ________.

4   Anna is Frank’s ________.

5   Mary is Frank’s ________.

6   Simon, Anna, and Tom are Mary’s ________.

7   Anna is Simon’s ________.

8   Tom is Anna’s ________.



5   Complete the sentences with opposite adjectives.

Example:    It isn’t big. It’s small.

1   It isn’t old. It’s ________.

2   She isn’t tall. She’s ________.

3   It isn’t expensive. It’s ________.

4   They aren’t black. They’re ________.

5   It isn’t fast. It’s ________.

6   It isn’t short. It’s ________.

7      They aren’t good. They’re ________.



Vocabulary total   20


6   Underline the stressed syllable.

Example:    mother

1   daughter

2   husband

3   expensive

4   orange

5   children



7   Match the words with the same sound.

children   keys father   door   laptops day


Example:    bags keys

1   books ________

2   person    ________

3   same      ________

4   card       ________

5   tall         ________




Pronunciation total   10


8   Complete the dialogues with the phrases from the box.

I’m fine, thanks I’m thirty-two
It’s 795867   See you soon   And you   Sorry


Example: A How are you?

B I’m fine, thanks.

1   A Goodbye, Sue.

B Bye. ________.

2   A How old are you, Mark?

B ________.

3   A What’s your phone number?

B ________.

4   A How are you?

B OK, thanks. ________?

A Oh, I’m fine.

5   A My home number is 0207 98742.

B ________?

A It’s 0207 98742.




Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Practical English total   50





1   Read the text and match the names in the box to the descriptions.

My family

Hi! My name’s Ian Haig and I’m from Glasgow in Scotland. I’m not English – I’m Scottish! I have a big family. My father’s name is Gordon and he’s 50. My mother is 45. Her name’s Anna and she’s very nice.

My mother’s Scottish but her mother and father are Italian. They’re from Milan. I have three sisters. Their names are Rosie, Jenny, and Valeria. Valeria is an Italian name. Rosie is 26. She’s tall and beautiful, and she’s married. Her husband’s name is Tom and he’s very tall. Jenny and Valeria are 24, but Jenny is tall with short hair and Valeria is short with long hair.

We have a big, new house and an old car. It’s slow and cheap, and very small! But it’s OK! My mother and father are very short!

Me? Well, I’m 21, I’m not tall, and I’m slim with short hair. I have a girlfriend but I’m not married. Her name is Lucy and she’s very beautiful. She’s tall with short, dark hair. She’s English but she’s nice!


Ian Anna   Lucy   Tom   Valeria   Jenny   Gordon   Rosie


Example:    He’s short, twenty-one, and Scottish.   Ian

1   She’s tall, beautiful, and English.                           ________

2   She’s short and Scottish, but her mother’s Italian. ________

3   She’s tall, twenty-six, and married.                        ________

4   He’s short, Scottish, and fifty.                               ________

5   She isn’t tall and she isn’t married.                        ________

6   He’s tall and he’s married.                                     ________

7   She’s twenty-four and tall.                                     ________



2   Read the text again and complete the answers to the questions.

Example: A  What is Ian’s surname?

B  It’s Haig.

1   Where is Ian from?

He’s from ________.

2   What is Ian’s father’s name?

It’s ________.

3   How old is Ian’s mother?

She’s ________.

4   Where is Anna’s mother from?

She’s from ________.

5   What are Jenny’s sisters’ names?

Their names are ________.

6   What is Rosie’s husband’s name?

His name is ________.

7   Is their car fast and expensive?

No, it’s ________.

8   Where is Ian’s girlfriend from?

She’s from ________.




Reading total   15


1   Answer the questions about a man in your family.

What’s his name and where is he from?


How old is he and is he married?


Is he tall or short, good-looking or not good-looking?



My brother’s / father’s / husband’s / son’s name is…



2   Now answer the questions about a woman in your family.

What’s her name and where is she from?


How old is she and is she married?


Is she tall or short, beautiful or not beautiful?



My sister’s / mother’s / wife’s / daughter’s name is…




Writing total   10


Reading and Writing total   25







1   Listen to Lisa Smith talking to hotel reception about a bag. Tick (ü) the objects that are in her bag.


a mobile phone

an ID card


a big dictionary

a small dictionary

Lisa Smith’s credit card

Peter Morgan’s credit card



2   Listen to five conversations and answer the questions. Tick (ü) A, B, or C.

1   Who is Adam?

A  Anna’s boyfriend          B  Anna’s brother          C  Anna’s friend

2   Who are in Andy’s photo?

A  His wife, son and daughter          B  His son and two daughters
C  His wife and two sons

3   What’s true about Felicity’s mobile phone?

A  It’s small and cheap          B  It’s new and expensive
C  It’s very good but old

4   Who is Emma?

A  Graeme’s friend          B  Sally’s sister          C  Sally’s boyfriend

5   How old is Mark?

A  Twenty-six          B  Twenty-seven          C  Twenty-eight




Listening total   10


Student A

1   Ask your partner these questions.

1   What’s your address?

2   What’s your postcode?

3   What’s your home phone number?

4   What’s your mobile number?

5   What’s your email address?

2   Now answer your partner’s questions.

3   Your partner has information about Sally’s family. Ask your partner questions and complete the family tree with the names in the box.


Patrick   Nicola   Ben   Tom   Sarah


1 _____    2 _____



3 _____      4 _____            Sally = 5 _____


Who / Nicola?   Who / Ben?   Who / Sally / sister?

Who / Sally / father?   Who / Patrick?

4   Read the information about Paul’s family and answer your partner’s questions.


Jerry = Kate



James              Anna             Paul = Jenny


Speaking total   15


Listening and Speaking total   25


Student B

1   Answer your partner’s questions about you.

2   Now ask your partner these questions.

1   What’s your address?

2   What’s your postcode?

3   What’s your home phone number?

4   What’s your mobile number?

5   What’s your email address?

3   Read the information about Sally’s family and answer your partner’s questions.


Tom = Nicola



Sarah             Ben               Sally = Patrick



4   Your partner has information about Paul’s family. Ask your partner questions and complete the family tree with the names in the box.


Kate   James   Jerry   Jenny   Anna


1 _____    2 _____



3 _____      4 _____            Paul = 5 _____


Who / Jerry?   Who / Anna?   Who / Paul / brother?   Who / Paul / mother?

Who / Jenny?


Speaking total   15


Listening and Speaking total   25





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