1   Complete the sentences. Use contractions.

Example:    He’s Turkish.

1   Hi. I ________ Stephanie Webb.

2   They ________ in room 9.

3   We ________ in Paris.

4   Sue is from the USA. She ________ American.

5   A You ________ late!

B Sorry.



2   Complete the dialogues. Use contractions where possible.

Example: A Are you Italian?

B Yes, I am.

1   A Where ________ they from?

B Portugal.

2   A Are you from England?

B No, I ________.

3   A What ________ your name?

B Harry.

4   A Are they from France?

B Yes, they ________.

5   A Is she Japanese?

B No, she ________.



3   Underline the correct word(s).

Example:    Is he / they from Scotland?

1   Where are you / you are from?

2   It is / Is it a good book?

3   What / What’s your name?

4   A Are you from China?

B No, we not / aren’t.

5   A Is she Russian?

B Yes, she is / she’s.




Grammar total   15


4   Complete the maths. Tick (ü) the correct answer.

Example: four + five =

A  eight          B  nine   ü     C  ten

1   three + two =

A  five          B  six          C  seven

2   four + fifteen =

A  seventeen          B  nineteen          C  twenty

3   nine – seven =

A  one          B  two          C three

4   seven + eleven =

A  sixteen          B  seventeen          C  eighteen

5   nineteen – seven =

A  eleven          B  twelve          C  thirteen

6   thirteen + eighteen – twenty =

A  eleven          B  fifteen          C  twelve



5   Complete the nationalities.

Example:    Italy   Italian

1   Spain             Span_______

2   Brazil            Brazil_______

3   China            Chin_______

4   Turkey          Turk_______

5   Hungary        Hungar_______

6   the USA        Americ_______



6   Write the words.

Example:    a chair




1        a b_______





2        the d_______




3        a p_______ of paper




4        a l_______




5        a c_______




6        the b_______





7        a d_______





8        a w_______





Vocabulary total   20


7   Underline the stressed syllable.

Example:    Russian

1   Brazil

2   Hungarian

3   hello

4   afternoon

5   eighteen



8   Match the words with the same sound.

Italy   coffee breakfast   hello meet   hi


Example:    not   coffee

1   no ________

2   six          ________

3   five        ________

4   ten         ________

5   we ________



Pronunciation total   10


9   Complete the dialogues with the words and phrases.

Bye Excuse me   S-U-double T-O-N   Sorry   Nice to meet you   Good morning


Example: A Goodbye!

B Bye.

1   A ____________, are you Paul Sutton?

B Yes, I am.

2   A Hello Sally.

B ____________, John.

3   A How do you spell your surname?

B ____________.

4   A My name’s Reginald.

B ____________?

A Reginald. R-E-G-I-N-A-L-D.

5   A This is Sarah Cullen from Oxford.

B Hello Sarah. ____________.




Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Practical English total   50





1   Read the emails and tick (ü) A, B, or C.

http://www.friendsinternational.com Say hello to international friends!

From: Friends International

To: Katie

Subject: New penfriend!

Attachment: photo of Oscar

Hello Katie! This is your new penfriend in the photo. His first name is Oscar and his surname is Gil. This is his email: oscar@postit.co.mx. Have a nice day!

To: Oscar

From: Katie

Subject: Hello

Attachment: photo of Jack and Katie

Hi! My name’s Katie Steel. I’m English and I’m 18. I’m from Manchester in England. And this is my boyfriend Jack Frost in the photo! He’s 19. Where are you from, Oscar?

To: Katie

From: Oscar

Subject: Good evening

Hello Katie! Good evening from Spain. My name’s Oscar Gil. I’m in Madrid in Spain, but I’m not Spanish. I’m Mexican. I’m from Puebla and I’m on holiday in Madrid. My friends in Spain are Ana and Fernando García. They’re Spanish. They’re from Valencia and they’re 19. I’m not 19. I’m 20. Where are you? Are you in Manchester? Is Jack English?

To: Oscar

From: Katie

We aren’t in Manchester. We’re in London. We aren’t on holiday!! And Jack isn’t English. He’s from the USA. It’s late, Oscar. Nice to meet you! Thank you for the email. Bye!




To: Katie

From: Oscar


Goodbye, Katie. Nice to meet you.


Example: Katie is…

A  American          B  English   ü     C  Spanish

1   Katie is…

A  eighteen          B  nineteen          C  twenty

2   Jack is…

A  eighteen          B  nineteen          C  twenty

3   Oscar is from…

A  Spain          B  England          C  Mexico

4   Ana is from…

A  Mexico          B  Spain          C  Brazil

5   Fernando is…

A  Mexican          B  American          C  Spanish

6   Ana is…

A  eighteen          B  nineteen          C  twenty

7   Jack is in…

A  Manchester          B  Madrid          C  London

8   Katie isn’t…

A  English          B  on holiday          C  in London

9   Jack is…

A  American          B  English          C  Mexican



2   Read the emails again and complete the ID cards.

First name: Oscar

Surname: Gil

Nationality: 1 ________

First name: Katie

Surname: 2 ________

Nationality: 3 ________





First name: Ana

Surname: García

Nationality: 4 ________

First name: 5 ________

Surname: 6 ________

Nationality: American




Reading total   15


1   Answer the questions about you with complete sentences.

Example: Are you from England?

No, I’m not.

1   What’s your first name?


2   What’s your surname?


3   Where are you from?


4   Are you American?


5   Are you on holiday?




2   Answer the questions about Tom with complete sentences.

First name: Tom

Surname: Johnson

Nationality: American

1   What’s his first name?


2   What’s his surname?



3   Where is he from?


4   Is he Russian?


5   Is he from the US?





Writing total   10


Reading and Writing total   25









1   Listen to Dan and Jenny talking to the receptionist. Tick (ü) the correct information.

Name:                   1  A  Dan Hughes          B  Dan Howes

Nationality:            2  A  English          B  American

Room:                  3  A  fourteen          B  fifteen


Name:                   4  A  Jenny Kerr          B  Jenny Carr

Nationality:            5  A  English          B  American

Room:                  seven



2   Listen to five conversations. Tick (ü) the correct answer.

1   Her name is…

A  Rachel Wells          B  Rachel Walls

2   Paul is in room…

A  fourteen          B  thirteen

3   Anna is from…

A  Hungary          B  Russia

4   Fiona is from…

A  Wootton          B  Wooten

5   Go to page…

A  eight          B  eighteen




Listening total   10


Student A

1   Ask your partner these questions.

1   What’s your first name?

2   How do you spell it?

3   What’s your surname?

4   How do you spell it?

5   Where are you from?

2   Now answer your partner’s questions.

3   Read the information about a famous person and answer your partner’s questions.

Justin Timberlake


4   Your partner has information about a different person. Ask your partner these questions.

What / her first name?

What / her surname?

How / spell it?

/ she American / English / Spanish?

Where / she from?


Speaking total   15


Listening and Speaking total   25


Student B

1   Answer your partner’s questions about you.

2   Now ask your partner these questions.

1   What’s your first name?

2   How do you spell it?

3   What’s your surname?

4   How do you spell it?

5   Where are you from?

3   Your partner has information about a famous person. Ask your partner these questions.

What / his first name?

What / his surname?

How / spell it?

/ he American / English / Spanish?

Where / he from?

4   Read the information about a different famous person and answer your partner’s questions.

Amy Winehouse



Speaking total   15


Listening and Speaking total   25






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